The PCUD 2017 moved to October!

PCUD OCT 2017 flyer

Saturday, October 21st, 2017
6:30pm – 9:30pm
Laurel Lodge #155 Knights of Pythias
620 Montgomery St.
Laurel, Md. 20707

What is the PCUD?
a combining form meaning “all,” occurring originally in loanwords from Greek ( panacea; panoply)
adjective, pertaining to chivalry; chivalrous (Knighthood)
the act of uniting two or more things

So, The Pan-Chivalric Union invites all Knights and Ladies to the dinner to raise money for Veterans charities
Tickets for admission will be $20.00, $10 of each ticket will go towards Faces of Valor USA.

We’ll have all-diet-sensitive catering done by Mardi Gras Tyme ( and some lite music and a few speakers from various represented charitable organizations.

The Pan-Chivalric Union Dinner is a both a charity dinner for veteran charities and also an outreach to other Fraternal charitable societies. We, the Knights of Pythias, invite the Odd Fellows, Freemasons and the Knights of Columbus and the public to join in our effort to help those who have served or are still serving.

more info on Pan-Chivalric Union:
more info on Laurel Lodge #155:

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